3-D Stereo Short Film Challenge


What do you get when you mix
more3D, Adobe, Maxon, fmx/09 and Digital Production Magazine together?

Well, you get invaZion ’09 The 3-D
Stereo Short film Challenge.

What is invaZion ’09?

invaZion ’09 is the world’s first contest for stereoscopic shortfilms! And you can be part of it.

Due to the help of computers in animation, creating 3-D stereo movies became much easier and more affordable than ever. In fact, adding depth to screens is by far the greatest leap in cinematopgraphy since stereo audio and color. More than that, it´s the next logical step. That´s what we believe in. That`s what
the future is all about.

Creating 3-D stereo movies means much more than “only” rendering a second camera

view: used wisely, it can provide a complete new way of directing
movies, like adding dramaturgy, modifying perceived size or volume and even the emotional proximity to the audience through depth. It also means thinking of the newly gained Z-space allready during the planning and production phase of your project.   [singlepic id=599 w=320 h=240 float=right]

more3D and its industry partners now call for the invaZion challenge as a worldwide shortfilm competition, giving you the final reason to get ready for 3-D stereo, measuring yourself with artists all over the globe. The winners will be announced in May, 2009.

I want to join – what next?

Basically you are all set when you know how to create 3D animations with standard software packages like 3DSmax, Cinema4D, Maya or XSI.  Simply follow the following steps and submit your stereo movie in 2008 to more3D. That’s it.

So what are you waiting for?

  1. Go to the Downloads page and
    get the recommended stereo camera setup for your rendering package. If
    it’s not there yet, wait a few days. it will come.
  2. Download the “How
    To” white paper that will teach you some of the 3-D stereo basics you
    need to know.
  3. Visualize your idea and
    create a cool and stunning 3-D stereo short film. Check the submission
    section for details. It´s also possible to re-render an older project in
    3-D stereo.
  4. If you haven’t subscribed to
    the newsletter do it now.
  5. Register with your full
    address in the invaZion forum for participation.
  6. You will receive a
    participant number from invazion.org
  7. Submit your final movie in
    time with more3D (meaning: in 2008)

If you want more information or want to submit your film,  visit the invaZion’s website.

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