A Childhood Horror


I love watching movies and I think I may have enjoyed movies more when I was a child because I remember them and the effect they had on me.  I remember being scared.  Thinking back to those movies now still gives me that feeling of uneasiness, even if I haven’t seen those movies since the first time I watched them.

It is funny how we hold on to those feelings.  There was a movie I watched only a couple of times when I was a child and I remember it seemed to scared me to death.  I still to this day think back to the images of that movie and it sends shivers down my spine.  The funny thing is I don’t remember what movie it was or the plot to the movie.  All I remember was it had Chuck Connors in it — yes, the Rifleman!  I have found myself looking back and thinking I need to track down this film and find out what it was so I can watch it again but I have never took the time to find the film.  I guess I am a little afraid that I won’t have the same feelings for the movie and ruin all these wonderful childhood fears that it created for me.

For whatever reason, I just never took the time to track it down – until tonight.   I am happy to say I found this long lost movie of my past and the moment I found it – I remembered a thousand more details about the movie – I am so excited to have found this movie and I feel a little silly because it is a total classic horror flick and it wasn’t in my collection – until now.

The film is called Tourist Trap and here is the trailer;


I love this film – still!  I think it is Chuck Connors best film!!

So since I am re-living my past love for movies – I want to share with you a couple other films that I have strong memories from my childhood.

Black Roses was a film that I enjoined only because — well, just check out the trailer …. ( I love how they show you the entire movie in the trailer)


Once you finish laughing, the next film ranked up there for me as the original My Bloody Valentine movie. (meaning it is awesome!)


That was just a sample of my childhood movies so if you can’t find anything to watch, the movies listed above will solve those problems and you won’t be disappointed – I guarantee it!

(Disclaimer:  Zombie-Popcorn.com, Psychosomatic Rants or its affiliates does not guarantee your enjoyment of the films listed in this post.)

  • Jen M1

    February 19, 2009

    Haha. Yes, that’s the one! Thanks for adding it.
    It must have been the storm….

  • Jason Bayless2

    February 19, 2009

    Is Uncle Sam the movie with Isaac Hayes? If so, I put the trailer on Zombie Popcorn’s YouTube Channel….

  • Jen M3

    February 19, 2009

    I’m definitely going to have to see all of those movies now….even if they look ridiculous.

    My favorite horror film from when I was younger is Uncle Sam. I remember watching it at my grandparent’s lake house one stormy afternoon, and being creeped out just a bit. I don’t know if it was the storm, the movie, or a combination of the two. I could easily figure this out if I could just find a trailer, or get my hands on the movie.

  • Jim Dorey4

    February 19, 2009

    Cool! My childhood horror was watching WESTWORLD with Yul Brynner in the back seat of my parents car at the drive-in when they thought I was asleep.

    There was also a TV commercial with someone climbing stairs to their attic – it was more the expression on her face really.

  • Valerie5

    February 18, 2009

    At least those movies, with the exception of Black Roses of course, seem scary. When I found the movies that scared me the most as a kid, I ended up with It, The Willies, and Tremors.


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