A Cup of Zombie Popcorn Merch to Tie You Over….?

A Cup of Zombie Popcorn Merch to Tie You Over….?


I am happy to announce that Zombie Popcorn now has two additional items in the Zombie Popcorn Merch Store.   What you need in your life is more Zombie Popcorn stuff and that is why we are now offering the Official Zombie Popcorn Brand mug and the Official Zombie Popcorn Brand neck tie.

Now you can drink your favorite whisky, coffee or Dr Pepper in the new Zombie Popcorn mug.  Your choice of an 11  oz or 15 oz  of Pure Zombie fighting* juice holder…aka mug. So get your hands on the coolest zombie fighting mug in the history of zombie apocalypse.

The Official Zombie Popcorn Mug mug
The Official Zombie Popcorn Mug by

If you are getting sick and tired of always having to wipe the excess blood on your pants don’t worry because Zombie Popcorn has got you covered. (no, pun intended)
The Official Zombie Popcorn Brand Tie will make it easy for you.

You will need something to wipe the blood off, so why not hang it around your neck with this awesome Zombie Popcorn Tie. It is easy to carry around and you will never lose it because it is tied around your neck. Just don’t loose your head.

*zombie fighting is not encouraged and may be illegal in some part of the country.

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