A Halloween Horror Movie a Day – Day 6 ‘Messiah of Evil’


It is time for another Zombie Popcorn’s Halloween Horror Movie a day Marathon day and this time we have a very special, dark flick for you.  It is one of my favorites, “Messiah of Evil’. This film will grab you before title screen!

A young woman travels to a small seaside town to search for her missing father, a local artist. There, she meets a curious *ménage a trois*: An effete researcher into ancient legends and his two female traveling companions. The uncooperative townspeople from whom they seek information resemble somnambulists, especially at night, when they gather on the beach and gaze longingly out to sea under a reddening moon. Other weird and terrifying portents soon appear: An old drunkard warns the heroine that, here, the corpses must be burned, not buried; a man offers a hitchhiker a mouse–when she refuses it, he eats it alive; tears of blood drip from the townspeople’s eyes; live insects and vermin spew from their mouths. As the heroine and her companions delve deeper into the mystery, they find themselves engulfed in cataclysmic violence, and the secret of the messiah of evil, as well as the fate of the girl’s father, transpires at last.


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