A Oddy Knocky Old Time Radio Show


Remember back when we were children and we used to sit around the radio, with our gas masks in our lap, listening to the weekly radioradio show? No?   I don’t remember doing that either -but the idea of not having TV and having your only source of ‘outside’ entertainment being the radio sounds interesting to me.  The thought of sitting around and have this random piece of furniture reading you a pseudo-bedtime story has always fascinated me.  (Not so much with a random piece of glowing furniture showing me a bedtime story.)   On rare occasions, I find myself tuning the radio on Sunday afternoon, just to listen to ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ on public radio.  I guess sometimes our current desires are a thing of the past. So, to pay tribute to things gone but not forgotten  – Psychosomatic Rants will bring back the old time radio story and offer a radio program for everyone to enjoy. So get the fireplace going, grab your gas masks and don’t forget ol’ grandpa and pull up a chair for…

The Psychosomatic Rants Radio Hour!

The show today is a classic for the whole family;

Anthony Burgess’  A Clockwork Orange

Click here for A Clockwork Orange part one

Click here for A Clockwork Orange part two

…if you want this program for yourself you can get it here…[amazon-product text=”A Clockwork Orange” type=”text”]0563557079[/amazon-product]

A Clockwork Orange

  • Steven1

    February 22, 2009

    Wow, I was just talking about old time radio shows just the other day. Thanks for this post!


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