Airwaves 2016: Interview with Tófa


It is day two of Iceland Airwaves and Zombie Popcorn and Ragnaarbastiaan have had another full day of music, art, and interviews.  We interviewed Tófa, the female fronted art-punk band influenced by 20th century literature.

We had the privilege to catch their off-venue show at 12 Tónar and sit down with them after their set. We had a blast chatting with them and learning more about their band and them as individuals. You will have a blast watching/listening to this interview. What to know what Tófa means? What they think of the current political system in Iceland? Are you curious if name Sigur Rós or Bjork is mentioned?  Then check out the interview with Tófa and when you are done, scroll down and listen to their music on Bandcamp.

Tófa is:
  • Vocals – Allie Doersch
  • Guitar – Kjartan Dagur Holm
  • Baritone Guitar Árni Þór Árnason
  • Drums Jóhannes Ólafsson
  • Bass – Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson

Below the interview video and audio, you will find a live performance preview from the off-venue show and the ablity to listen to both of their albums.

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