Airwaves: Interview with Dr. Gunni

Airwaves: Interview with Dr. Gunni


We have a very special interview for you tonight, Dr. Gunni aka Gunnar Larus Hjalmarsson.

Gunni is one of the central figures of the Icelandic underground music scene, everyone in Iceland knows Dr. Gunni. If Icelanders had ego, some would call him a legend. He has not only been in several influential bands, but has also written several books about the Icelandic music scene, including the English only book, ‘Blue Eyed Pop – The History of Popular Music in Iceland’.

In addition to all the bands he been members of he has also been a writer for newspapers and magazines and a radio presenter for various Icelandic stations.

He has been in several bands including:

  • Dordinglar Bassist (1980)
  • F/8 / Beri Beri
  • Geðfró (1981)
  • S. H. Draumur Bassist/Vocalist (1983-88)
  • Bless Bassist/Vocalist (1988-91)
  • Dr. Gunni Multi-instrumentalist/Vocalist (1992-)
  • Unun Bassist (1994-99)

In this interview we talk about the opening of Pönksafn Íslands / The Icelandic Punk Museum and his role in helping make it happen. Iceland pop and underground music and we learn why they call him Dr.

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