Airwaves: Who to See on the First Three Days

Airwaves: Who to See on the First Three Days


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Iceland Airwaves is two weeks away and the anticipation is growing every moment.  We are excited to partner with Ragnaarbastiaan to bring you on-site coverage of Airwaves.  This year is going to be jammed packed with full-on awesomeness.

To start things off, we will be attending (and covering) the opening of Pönksafn Íslands / The Icelandic Punk Museum. The museum salutes the Icelandic punk and new wave scene that started in Iceland in 1978.  It doesn’t stop there, John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten will be hosting the opening of Pönksafn Íslands and performing at Airwaves.

With all the activities going on, I want to take a moment to highlight the bands that Zombie Popcorn will for sure attend their shows.  These are the bands for the first three days. Stay tuned for the list for the remaining dates and interviews.

John Lydon




Alvia Islandia

Prins Póló

Of Monsters And Men




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