Beyond the Grave (Porto dos Mortos)

Beyond the Grave (Porto dos Mortos)


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If you are a fan of Mad Max, classic spaghetti westerns, and zombie films, then I have a film for you – Beyond the Grave (Porto dos Mortos).

BEYOND THE GRAVE is the feature directorial debut of 33 years old filmmaker Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro, who also writes and produces. The film follows the post-apocalyptic journey of the Officer (Rafael Tombini) who hunts a mystical serial killer known as the Dark Rider (Adriano Basegio). Across wastelands populated by reanimated corpses, he will put his remaining sanity to the test against a nemesis that could have brought the end of the world. Shooter (Ricardo Seffner) and Nina (Amanda Grimaldi), a couple of teenagers, are the first living souls to cross paths with the policeman on his quest. The younglings have lost their loved ones to the maniac and also seek revenge.

Beyond the Grave is a breath of fresh air for zombie films with an added twist, the zombies are not the main feature creature.   If you love art-house films then you must check out Beyond the Grave.  I also have good news for you – Netflix just picked up this film and has just added it to their library.

So what are you waiting for? Go watch it now!



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