CAAMFEST 37: Demolition Girl


Zombie Popcorn is excited to Co-Present several films this year at CAAMFest37! CAAMFest celebrates its 37th year and takes place across the San Francisco Bay Area from May 9-19, 2019 during APA Heritage Month.

On Friday, May 10th at the New People Cinema and on Saturday, May 18th at the Roxie Theater, we will co-present the film, Demolition Girl directed by Genta Matsugami. This is the West coast premiere of the film.

About Demolition Girl

DEMOLITION GIRL opens with a high school student crushing small toys and cans with her feet. The stomping could be easily taken as an outlet of small-town teenage angst. But for Cocoa, this is work, as a performer for a small-time fetish DVD producer. With this and her job at a shabby local amusement park, she supports her unemployed father and immature older brother. Their dependence on Cocoa weighs down any hope of her attending college despite being a top student.

With encouragement of her friends, and the unexpected news of an inheritance, Cocoa’s perspective on her future changes. She designs a way out of her provincial existence, which includes financial aid — and more “crash video” performance for money. But things rapidly unravel as the men in her life fail her through recklessness and betrayal, and Cocoa is driven to bring her on-camera destructive fantasy to life.

— Chris Bucoy Brown

Cast and Crew

Director: Genta Matsugami
Screenwriter: Yoshitaka Kasui,Genta Matsugami
Producer: Genta Matsugami,Tsuyoshi Toyama
Cast: Aya Kitai,Hiroki Ino,Haruka Imo,Yura Komuro,Yota Kawase,Ko Maehara,Ryohei Abe,Nobu Morimoto
Cinematographer: Tomohiro Hori
Editor: Syuhei Terada
Music: yuichi NAGAO, Moe and ghosts

How to Get Tickets

New People Cinema
Fri May 10
10:00 pm
Located at:
1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115
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NEW PEOPLE CINEMA is the 20,000-sqft entertainment complex that is produced and managed by NEW PEOPLE, Inc., which promotes the latest examples of Japanese popular culture expressed though film, art, fashion, and various events. Located in the heart of historical San Francisco’s Japantown since 2009, NEW PEOPLE has become a unique must-see attraction of the city’s cultural landscape.

Roxie Theater
Sat May 18
9:20 pm
Located at:
3117 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103
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Roxie Theater. Through daily film screenings, festivals, series, special events, co-presentations and educational programs, the Roxie facilitates a space for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather, connect and learn about the world and one another in an accessible environment.

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