Frore vs Paul vs Frore

Zombie Popcorn Radio’s Paul Casper and his project

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Derezzed (from TRON: Legacy) NEW

Music video by Daft Punk performing Derezzed. (C) 2010 Disney Enterprises, Inc./Daft Punk TM and © by permission

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The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormons on Broadway and it is not Orgazmo

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TRON: Legacy – “Rerezzed”

Mashing up Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” video with a track by The Glitch Mob!

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TRON: Legacy – Sirens Dress Sam

Check out the Sirens as they dress Sam for combat.

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Justin Bieber Exploding!!!

Justin Bieber Exploding and becoming a ZOMBIE!

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Knuckle Supper By Drew Stepek (Video)

Knuckle Supper By Drew Stepek (Video)

The Official Teaser Trailer For Drew Stepek’s Novel Knuckle Supper

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Stranger In a Strange Land

Video for the song Stranger In A Strange Land by Lilt (Paul Casper) from the album Minor Mistakes

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Motionless in White

Creatures, the debut full-length from the band, Motionless in White

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Kevin Seconds vs Zombies

Kevin Seconds on Zombie Popcorn Radio this Sat. October 9th!

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The Shadow Foundry : The Incantation

A track from The Shadow Foundry’s album, ‘Lying in Ruin’

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The Best Halloween Music You Can Find Anywhere!

Zombie Popcorn Radio’s very own Paul Casper just released a brand new CD from his dark and spooky collection.

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Happy Anniversary Zombie Popcorn Radio!

Celebrate Zombie Popcorn Radio’s One Year Anniversary with us Tonight!

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Zombie Popcorn Radio – The Broken

What an interesting show we have lined up for you on this weeks Zombie Popcorn Radio.

We break things in this episode and talk about the following;

We have a very destructive un-boxing of the Nook
The new I Spit on your Grave trailer
Jackass 3D
Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses in ZombieVision 3D
Zombie Popcorn’s Book Club: Rosemary’s Baby
Zombie Popcorn’s Stories: Life of a Carny
30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Don’t be Afraid of the Dark produced by Guillermo Del Toro
Zombie Popcorn’s CD and t-shirt giveaway
New Town Killers
and so much more
So prepare yourself for the most destructive Zombie Popcorn show yet!

and in Broken video format! (if you watch the video – when we ‘break it’ keep an eye on Paul’s face – it is AWESOME!

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Who Wants A Free Autumn Offering T-Shirt and CD?!

Zombie Popcorn Giveaway – A free CD and t-shirt from Victory Records band, The Autumn Offering

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A rock ‘n’ roll band that will do anything to become famous.

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Queercore – interview with Martin Sorrondeguy – Limp Wrist / Los Crudos

Queer Youth TV presents an interview with Martin Sorrondeguy, former vocalist for Los Crudos and Limp Wrist

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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D – ZPR vs The World

Along with the rants we also talked about;

The new Machete trailer
The Korean film, ‘I Saw the Devil’
Saw 3D ‘The Traps Come Alive’
The Sequel to Clash of the Titans
Twilight: Break Dawn
Mad Max: Fury Road 3D
The new addition to Zombie Popcorn’s Book Club: Casting the Runes by M.R. James
and so much more!
So join us again in this episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio

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ohGr – majik

Band: ohGr
Song: majik

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Zombie Popcorn Radio’s New Home

Its Alive! Its Alive! Zombie Popcorn Radio gets a new look!

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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D- Just Two Dudes and a Japanese Remake

So get your barf bags ready because it is time for another episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio.

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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D – Worst Show Ever…

Sometimes the stars line up and things just don’t go the way they planned so that is why we are happy to bring you this weeks Zombie Popcorn Radio episode, ‘Worst Show Ever’

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Kraftwerk: The Krautrock footage

The Kraftwerk sections from the BBC Four documentary “Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany” originally aired Friday 23 October 2009.

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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D – The Incredible Melting Video

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Zombie Popcorn Radio is back with another amazing and fun episode!

If you missed the LIVE show here is what you missed; [singlepic id=1282 w=320 h=240 float=right]

* The debut of the new Lost Boys movie – Lost Boys: Thirst
* The unboxing of a Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees mask
* Sex in the City 2
* Zombie Popcorn Book of the week – Zombie Popcorn Book Club
* Amityville Horror house
* [REC] 2
* Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper
* Teen werewolves in real life
* The best of the worst horror movie trailers
* and so much more!

So grab your fake werewolf tail and your fangs – gather your pack and enjoy another blood soaked episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio

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Grease is the word

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancin’ shoes. – Grease it back!

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Zombie Popcorn 3D – Van Damme vs Chuck’s Pants

It is that time again so gather the children – throw them in the basement – make some tea – pull up a chair and enjoy this weeks’ episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio

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Zombie Goes Pop

What happens when a Zombie goes Pop…star?

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…Under your Bed

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my years it’s, that religion is mostly a lie . . . .
Oh, don’t get all huffy – puffy over that, cause science is mostly a lie too. . .
You know what’s not a lie?


Everything you heard as a kid is true. . .

They wait under your bed . . .
ready to taste your sleepy head.
They’ll pull you down when your alone . . .
to lick your flesh and break your bones . . . .

And we have the footage to prove it. . . .
Take a look . . .
I dare you. . . . .

This is a track that Jason and I worked on quite a while ago.
Actually, it’s our first project, from over a year ago . . . it’s our third video. . . but first video ever completed. . . wait . . . what?

Anyway, we love horror movies, monsters and industrial music. . . we hope you do too.
Let us know what you think of the song. . . . just send a quick e-mail or post in the comments section. . . if enough people like it we’ll make more.

Music by Paul Casper
Vocals by Jason Bayless

Also feel free to check out Paul’s other music projects:

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…Under Your Bed

Zombie Popcorn pays tributes to horror through music created by Paul Casper

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On Tour Now – so go check them out!

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Emo Symphony

by GuS

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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D – Nightmares and Psychic Readings

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On this episode of Zombie Popcorn Radio we had two very special guests on the show, Hasan A friend from Bosnia and Mama Lisa returns to sit in on the show.

Topics on this episode include;

* The new Nightmare on Elm St. crucifix
* Bela Lugosi Signature Wine
* Damned by Dawn
* Zombie Popcorns Book Club pick : The Amityville Horror
* James Camerons new project
* Mama Lisa does a psychic reading and reads the boys of Zombie Popcorn
* and so much more

So grab your crucifix and your crystal ball because the re-broadcast of Zombie Popcorn Radio is now here

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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D – The New Barbarians

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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D
The New Barbarians
Show #28 / video show # 14
Sat Apr 17 2010

This weeks Zombie Popcorn Radio is not like any other – because we take you to the movies.

Sure we talk about;

* Machete release date
* Don’t Look in the Basement Remake
* Zombie Popcorn’s Book Club new book
* Our upcoming road trip interviews
* and more

What make this episode different is we watch the film ‘The New Barbarians’ aka ‘Warriors of the Wasteland’ with you!

What is ‘The New Barbarians’? Well, this review should sum it up..

This post-apocalyptic low-budget romp has it all: A homosexual death cult that navigates the wasteland in 20 horsepower go-carts, looking for things to kill! A dashing lone wolf survivor who maintains a rather ambiguous relationship with a prepubescent boy (who also happens to be the local go-to auto mechanic)! Former NFL star Fred Williamson, who’s totally sweet archery skills are second only to his arsenal of exploding arrowheads!!! Add to all of this a hot and vulnerable female lead, a cheesy electronic score, and a bunch of awesome monologues by the leader of the bad guys (“There is only one faith! One ecstasy! DEATH!!!”), and you got one hell of a good time! Take it from a true connoisseur of crap: this movie is worth the low price. Best enjoyed with a few beers and a sense of humor.

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Secret Woodstock footage!

I thought it was just bad acid when I saw this happen. But someone filmed it! That’s heavy, man. That hippy, like, got totally munched, man.

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Zombie Popcorn’s Audio Book Club

Tune in to Zombie Popcorn Radio to find out what the Zombie Popcorn Book of the week will be…

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