Christians and Crystal Light Do Not Mix


I woke up this morning from having the strangest dream. I was at a party, well; I thought it was a
party. There were people everywhere, bands playing, people drinking, having fun
and they had balloons. So, to me it seemed
like a party. I found myself asking
someone for a drink and they said, “We are only serving mixed drinks here!’


I replied, ‘Ok, that is fine, give me some
whiskey and Dr. Pepper.’ The guy I was
talking with, in the dream said, “NO, we are only serving the ‘Chosen Drink’
here.” He seemed really frustrated with me. I replied to the guy, then give me the ‘Special
Drink’. As the words fell from my lips, a woman ran up to me and said, ‘don’t drink that its Crystal Light
mixed with Budweiser!’

She really seemed concerned with my safety then she began to
show me around the ‘party’ explaining to me that this was a 4 year long Christian
camp and the christian leaders found out that mixing Crystal Light and Budweiser creates this
powerful mind controlling substance. She continued saying that we were stuck in this camp until the
world drank the Crystal light and bud.

So, after this woman telling me that I was at some kind of
crazy cult festival/ training camp with the only thing to drink was Crystal
Light and Budweiser, I started to feel really antsy in the dream and was trying
so hard to find a way out. I don’t remember
much of the dream but I do remember as I was running to get out I kept
thinking, “I don’t know what is worse, mixing Crystal Light and Bud together or
that I am at a crazy Christian brainwashing camp.

So that is how I started my day and to keep up with today’s
tradition here is a movie you may not have seen but will enjoy.

Night of the Living Bread (1990)

Directed by Kevin S. O’Brien. With Vince Ware, Katie Harris,
Robert J. Saunders

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  • BillyWarhol1

    September 5, 2008

    Oh so thass what the Repubes Brainwashed Flock have been drinkin’ the Last 8 + 2000 Years!!*******

    ;)) Peace*


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