Coalesce Episode 7: The Nonviolence Pathway

Coalesce Episode 7: The Nonviolence Pathway


This week on Coalesce we discovered that Matt is contemplating joining the vegetarian and/or vegan ranks due to some recent reflections on nonviolence and his Christian principles. Matt explained the history of Christianity’s transition from a nonviolent movement to the Christendom of post-Constantinianism which he is seeking to move away from, for he has determined that violence against animals may violate the nonviolent attitude of pre-Constantinian Christianity. Jason was quite pleased by Matt’s revolutionary talk.

Matt and Jason continued a discussion they were having the previous night about the requirements for giving to the poor. In a culture that says, “Don’t give to the homeless person on the street because they might buy drugs,” we determined that it is not our responsibility to keep a person from buying contraband with the money we give them. Our responsibility is only to give to those who ask (unless you want to keep them from buying flesh-based food, in which case, buy them a meal).

This led into a discussion about how capitalism encouraged greed by seeking to get the most you can for as little as possible. We discussed that this is opposed to the ancient biblical injunction to leave a little extra behind for the poor so that they can support themselves. This goes against the corporate tendency to take people for all they’re worth.

Stay tuned! More Coalesce episodes will be coming your way!

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