Corazón del tiempo / Heart of Time


Here at Zombie Popcorn, we love movies and learning from liberation movements from around the world. We also love how art plays a role within movements and how the everyday lives of people are woven throughout the struggle for liberation. So, when art highlights everyday life within the liberation movement in the form of a movie, we get excited and want to share it with you.

We would like to present to you Corazón del tiempo, a film (drama) about a young woman in the southern Mexican region of Chiapas who defies tradition when she falls in love with a rebel Zapatista soldier.

This film was shot in an indigenous Mayan community in the Mexican state of Chiapas and give a great window to the daily lives of this community. We hope you enjoy it.


Alberto Cortés


Corazón del tiempo

Son tiempos revolucionarios y Sonia pone a girar a todos al compás de su corazón rebelde. Apenas “pedida” para casarse con Miguel, dirigente juvenil de la comunidad, por los caminos de la selva Lacandona la muchacha encuentra el fondo de sus ojos en los del guerrillero Julio, y experimenta una pasión que pone en riesgo la seguridad de su comunidad y de los insurgentes zapatistas. Alicia, hermana menor de Sonia, aprende a descifrar en sus juegos la realidad (las fuerzas del gobierno sitian por aire y tierra a los rebeldes) a través del espejo. Será su abuela Zoraida quien baje a tierra las visiones de la niña. Juntas, Zoraida y Alicia descubrirán en la decisión de Sonia una prueba para las voluntades y las tradiciones, En un mundo donde todo cambia, tierra de indios libres que han decidido resistir y no dejarse, Sonia libra las batallas del amor en el corazón del tiempo.

Corazón del tiempo  (Heart of Time)

It is a time of revolution and Sonia’s rebellious heart causes further commotion in her village. Recently betrothed to a young community leader, Miguel, she is walking along a path in the Selva Lacandona one day when she locks eyes with those of Julio, a rebel fighter; their passion puts the secu- rity of her community and the Zapatista rebels in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Alicia, Sonia’s younger sister, learns to inter- pret reality (as government forces surround the rebels on land and in the air) through a mirror in her game playing. Her grandmother Zoraida is the one to bring the little girls visions back down to earth. Together, Zoraida and Alicia dis- cover in Sonia’s decision a test of wills and traditions. In a world where everything changes, in a land of free Indians who have decided to take a stand and resist, Sonia takes on the struggles of love in the heart of Time.

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