Cthulhu vs The Real Ghostbusters cartoon


First, I want to give thanks to the site, Elder Signs Press for writing the post ‘Cthulhu in Pop Culture‘ – (this is were I got the video in this post from.)

I remember as a kid I would watch cartoons on Saturday morning, I am sure every child did.  I would watch Pink Panther, Dungeons and Dragons, Thundercats, and many others.  There was one cartoon that I never got into was The Real Ghostbusters.  I think maybe I was too old when they started to air them or maybe I had a secret loyalty to the movie – what ever it was I didn’t like it.

Now, I kinda wished that I did watch some of the episodes because apparently they had some really awesome content and tips of the hat to classic horror.

Check out this clip of  The Real Ghostbuster – The Ghostbusters go up against Cathulhu, one of the old ones, & his cult with the help of Doctor Alice Derleth from Arkham.


How freaking awesome is this?  Did you see the magazine he pulled out to learn how to battle Cathulhu – So amazing.

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  • Matthew1

    September 24, 2010

    I used to watch the show but didn’t remember these sort of plots. Also, the animated version of Bill Murray’s character sounds to be voiced by Lorenzo Music, the voice of Garfield.

  • jim2

    September 12, 2010


    The Real Ghostbusters rare designs
    Rare early The Real Ghostbusters art from 1986-87: Over 30 black-and-white copies of animation model sheets by DiC Entertainment animation artists. Characters, props and backgrounds are seen in these model sheets.


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