Dead Rising


The dead have risen from the ground and joined Hasan and I on this weeks Zombie Popcorn Radio.

The topics we covered include;

  • Hellraiser: Revelations (We answer the question does Doug Bradley return as Pinhead)
  • The Last Exorcism
  • James Cameron HATES Piranha 3D
  • 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future  box set DVD/Blu-Ray release date
  • Zombie Popcorn’s Dead Rising 2: Case Zero contest
  • Piranha 3D sequel
  • Walking Dead
  • Zombie Popcorn’s Book Club pick of the week
  • John Cusack announces that he will be in the upcoming movie The Raven
  • Romero mentions converting Dawn of the Dead into 3D
  • portal 2
  • so much more

So take your shoes off….second thought, just keep them on… and make yourself comfortable because it is time for Zombie Popcorn Radio

and in 3D!

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