Deathrow, Dr Pepper, Texas and Psychosomatic Rants – A Perfect Mix


I am not sure if you noticed today, but Psychosomatic Rants was down for several hours today.

I was tipped off today at work when I recieved a msg on my phone saying, ‘Is your site not working?‘  I wasn’t sure so I ran to the nearest computer and pulled up the page.  After a few seconds, I had the coldest page ever staring back at me.  It read in bold letters, ‘500 internal server error‘.   Since, I was at work there was nothing I could do about it but sit and wonder why this was happening.

Several hours past, I finally arrived home.  I went to log into my FTP – it worked.  So, I was really confused. Then I logged into my host admin page to check the status of the server.  I noticed I had an email waiting for me it was from my Host.  The email is below,

Hello Jason,

It has come to our attention that your account, consumed excessive server resources today. Not sure if you are aware of this or not, but your site is current being Digg’ed. The combination of your current website traffic and  MySQL requests is causing server problem and affected all customers in the web server. We have temporarily disabled your PHP Services to avoid any further disruptions to the server and will only enable PHP services when the traffic has reduced.

At this time, your html and ftp services are still functional. So you can create a temporary page and have it be displayed on your site.

If you would like to discuss the issue, please reply to this service ticket.

*Name Removed*
Doteasy Customer Service
“Join the hosting revolution!”


I was being Digg’ed, I was upset that my site was down but I was more curious to find out what post was bring the traffic.  So, I went to find out — the post was – Top 10 Death Row Last Meal Requests from Texas.

The sad part of this story was when I got another email saying that they blocked all referrals from accessing the site until the traffic decreases.  So all the people who could not access the post they wanted through digg – here is your link.

I would also like to thank Amy Vernon for digg’n my post – THANK YOU!

  • Aaltje1

    November 7, 2009

    haha! u keep me alive!! gr8 post


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