Delivering Jesus and a Six Pack?!


The past two weeks we have been in Denver, CO. I must say I never ate so much food in one place in my life. Thanks Ann for all the vegan pies and other great food you cooked for us- EVERYDAY! –

Thanks to all the activists who came out and hung out with us in Denver.

While in Denver, the artist, Julia McClurg invited me to an art show, she told me that she was doing an art showing with an anti-circus theme. So of course I went and had a great time. You can check out Julia’s work at Lulu Bella Art and photos from her showing below…

I am also happy to say while in Denver we got new ‘Ringling Beats Elephants’ t-shirts!!

So that was in a nutshell this is what happened in Denver – I am now in Cleveland, Ohio and only miles away from this amazing looking Haunted House called, 7 Floors of Hell. I am hoping to have time to go to this wonderful place soon. So if you are in the Cleveland area and you want to go with me drop me a line on Myspace or come to the Ringling protests so we can work out the details.

I need to run but want to leave you with the two things I saw as soon as I arrived in Cleveland. – It is going to be an interesting two weeks here.

The first photo is from a Christian store, you know where you can buy bibles, Gospel music and…. Well, just look at the photo – WWJD?

The second photo leaves me asking myself – “why aren’t more restaurants doing this?’

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