Dog Fashion Disco=Satanic Circus Music!


In the early 2000’s I was introduced to Dog Fashion Disco, a band not like any other I had ever heard. The first time I listened to one of their songs I distinctly remember thinking they would fit right in as the house band in hell! That is if hell were a  24/7 circus. Their music is a blend of metal, prog rock, jazz, circus, and elevator music. The lyrical content is just as entertaining as the music with themes pertaining to murder (“Headless” from 2001’s Anarchists of Good Taste), serial killers (“Pogo the Clown” from 2003’s Committed to a Bright Future), pornography and satanic cowboys (“Pervert” and “The Satanic Cowboy” from 2000’s The Embryo’s In Bloom), and bad acid trips (“The Acid Memoirs” also from 2003’s Committed…).

I was lucky enough to see Dog Fashion Disco live not once, but twice! And both experiences were very odd circumstances. The first time I saw them was at a club in Pensacola, Florida. They were still an unsigned band doing a tour on there own and my friend Rachel and I had heard their demo and loved it. So we got in the car and drove 2 hours away to see them. When we arrived at the club it wasn’t open. It seemed as though there wasn’t even a show that night. We walked around the back of the club to find the band in their van. They said they had been their all day and no one had come to let them in to set up or sound check. We sat and talked with them for a while until someone finally came and opened the club. By that time we were on a first name basis with the band, and they were so surprised that we came to see them that they put us on their guest list for the night. After getting inside and setting up, they came over and asked us if we wanted to hear any particular songs that night, so we pretty much picked the set list for the show. In the end, the only people that came to the show were us, and about 5 others. Even with such a bad turnout they performed like they were in front of thousands of fans. It is a show that will forever be a great memory for me. The second time I saw them was in someones back yard, with back yard wrestling and motor cross! But, that is a whole other post!

Even though Dog Fashion Disco is now defunct, I still listen to them constantly. I think they were way ahead of their time. They were from Baltimore, Maryland and played their final show on January 13th in 2007. I urge anyone of Zombie Popcorn’s readers to check out their discography, you’ll find their music is very entertaining and enjoyable.Their cover of Frankie Valli’s “Grease” is Amazing!

2000 – The Embryo’s in Bloom

2001 – Anarchists of Good Taste

2003 – Committed to a Bright Future

2004 – Day of the Dead EP

2006 – Adultery

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  • Rachel2

    September 27, 2009

    Wow I don’t even remember all those details. That was a fun time though. 🙂 I still have that shirt I bought that night, too.


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