Dominion: New Album, Father Chains, and Free Downloads


Our good friends who are in the most amazing goth band ever, Dominion has a new album coming out, Father Chains.  Because they are such an awesome band they are going to give you free downloads of their two new singles from the album, Father Chains.

Who is Dominion?

Dominion exudes an undeniable 80’s rock style that draws inspiration from bands such as the Cult , The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy , That brings back a nostalgic era with a fresh twist

Forged in the depraved bars of Metro Manila , The Philippines during the tail end of 1994 , currently based in Los Angeles by way of San Francisco .The Band has been featured in various Media outlets notably : MTV / Channel V , San Francisco Sonic Magazine , Roxy Roller Radio SF , Eterna Oscurida LA , Abs Cbn TV , NU 107 FM Manila , Channel 10 Manila, Pulp Magazine , Zombie Popcorn , Inquirer News , Philippine News.

The Recent Award winning American Film “Vampariah” features the band’s single entitled “Aswang” , an ode to the controversial folklorish vampire like creature of the Philippine people, Which ironically symbolizes the fragile yet predatory fabric of present day humanity.

Stay tuned to Zombie Popcorn for an upcoming interview with Dominion.

Listen, Watch, and Download the singles now

Drowning Inside

Father Chains



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