Episode 20: God, Nature and Politics

Episode 20: God, Nature and Politics


This week we get talking about Michele Bachmann’s recent comments about how the east coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene are both signs from God that he is displease with Washington DC’s policies. Apparently, Bachmann has a direct line to God and he’s a tea party supporter.

Why is it that the people who make these predictions are always the ones in the right? You never hear someone saying, “That hurricane was a sign from God that my policies are bad” it is always them pointing the finger at someone else.

As Bob points out in the show, this is classic talking out of both sides of your mouth because even if the tragedy isn’t phenomenally awful, you can just say that your prayers were answered and God spared the nation. Stay tuned for some wacky commentary from one of the most outspoken, and possibly craziest, politician in America.

What do you think about these topics? Are these kinds of predictions and prognostications just mealy mouthed double speak? Let us know what you think  and feel free to contact us at [email protected], like us on Facebook or call the ZPN hotline at (757) 337-2195. And don’t forget to subscribe to This Non-Religious Life on


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