Episode 24: Jesusween!

Episode 24: Jesusween!

If you live in the Western Hemisphere, Halloween probably involves images of ghouls, zombies, vampires, ghosts and goblins. It no doubt conjures images of children dressed as these creatures running amok in the streets screaming “Trick-or-Treat!” and blackmailing adults into giving them sugar laden treats via threats of toilet paper. Of all the things you can imagine, the least of those is probably Jesus (though I did once cruise the Las Vegas strip on Halloween with Jesus).The interesting thing about Halloween is that it was once a fairly important date in the Christian calendar. The day before All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation where attending mass was considered obligatory. In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries the holiday has become increasingly commercial and secularized. In fact, few people in the US and Canada really associate Halloween with Hallowmas. Christians often try to reclaim holidays which have gone this way, just look at the so called “War on Christmas” every year. The difference here is that Jesusween is just about the worst attempt to do such ever. As if bibles can compete with candy (even if you combine them)!

Some of the other things we talk about this week are the ever continuing fight over “In God We Trust” being reaffirmed year after year by Congress and we discuss the solution to this week’s teaser video about the Monty Hall Problem.  Check it all out and let us know what you think. You can contact us at [email protected], like us on Facebook or call the ZPN hotline at (757) 337-2195. And don’t forget to subscribe to This Non-Religious Life on  iTunes.

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