Episode 30: The “War on Religion”

Episode 30: The “War on Religion”


Let it be said that if Rick Perry becomes president… well actually I would move out of the country but that is neither here nor there… this show would need to expand to become a 5 days a week show. His every utterance and action would provide us with a windfall of raw material for the show. This past week Perry released his “Strong” ad. In the ad Perry openly bashes gays in the military and claims that President Obama has begun a war on religion.

In this episode we examine Perry’s statements as well as the whole War on Christmas concept. It’s that time of year folks! Time to get your stockings in a knot over someone saying something nice in an inclusive versus exclusive manner. Let us know what you think! You can contact us at [email protected], like us on Facebook / Google+ or call the ZPN hotline at (757) 337-2195. And don’t forget to subscribe to This Non-Religious Life on  iTunes or listen to us on Stitcher Radio.



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  • Stephen Orlando1

    December 19, 2011

    This is the first time I’ve heard your podcast and I enjoyed your discussion. But, it is really painful to listen to with all the dead-air. Have you thought about editing out the long pauses? I know it’s time intensive but it would make your show much more listenable.


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