Episode 32: Un-Intelligent Design

Episode 32: Un-Intelligent Design


This week we take a look at Intelligent Design, the idea that evolution by natural selection couldn’t have happened and the diversity of life must have been guided by an “intelligent designer.” This “theory” couches itself in scientific language and usually uses appeals to authority to attempt to have their opinions on the origins/complexity of life heard in classrooms. Their biggest proponent/star witness, Michael Behe, is often quoted with his argument about irreducible complexity, basically that certain biological systems are too complex to have arisen from natural, materialistic, origins.  The Intelligent Design community even has its own textbook, originally called Creation Biology in its first draft but more commonly known as, Of Pandas and People. No matter how you slice it Intelligent Design is not science, it makes no predictions, and cannot be tested. It is repackaged biblical creationism given a spin to look like science for a public which is often quite scientifically illiterate.


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