Episode 37: Psychic Vegetables and Other Stories

Episode 37: Psychic Vegetables and Other Stories


This week we take a trip into the supernatural. We discovered a video of a woman who refers to herself as the world’s first “asparomancer” because she uses asparagus to divine the future.  While Bob and I discuss the fact that she may or may not be a “Poe” we slowly come to the subject of a certain UK psychic. In particular, the story about how famous UK psychic Sally Morgan is suing the Daily Mail over an article she claims defames her and makes her out to be a fraud. This woman who was once the personal psychic to Princess Diana claims that the article asking her to prove her powers via a $1,000,000 challenge hurt her both professionally and personally. The author of the article is none other than Paul Zenon, famed former psychic and stage magician gone skeptic supernatural debunker.

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