Episode 39: Motivated Reasoning

Episode 39: Motivated Reasoning


This week we take a quick step back to last week to discuss the “Galileo Was Wrong” crowd. We get ankle deep into the science of motivated reasoning, the solution to why people obviously search for information which confirms preconceived notions regardless of the validity of those ideas. Ideas like the “firmament” or a flat earth, or a geo-centric universe are, to rational individuals, absurd, relegated to the far flung corners of history. We have known that the earth is round since the times of Eratosthenes famous test using sticks and shadows. We have known that the Sun, not the Earth is the center of our solar system since the time of Copernicus and Galileo. And we have known, with no doubt what-so-ever, that there is no firmament holding out the waters above the Earth since the middle of the twentieth century when we finally voyaged beyond the confines of our pale blue dot. So the question remains, how can people believe these relic ideas? Watch and find out what we have to say on the matter.

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