Episode 42: The Return of Dr. Price

Episode 42: The Return of Dr. Price


This week we decided to call in a professional. We managed to get in touch with our favourite biblical scholar, Dr. Robert M. Price to help us with some interesting things we read online concerning the historical Jesus. Professor Dr. James Tabor, department chair of the Religious Studies Department at UNC Charlotte, is coming out with a new book The Jesus Discovery in which he outlines a new argument based on several tombs unearthed in Jerusalem which he believes lead to the origin of Christianity. Dr. Tabor believes he has unearthed the family tomb of Jesus.

We discuss this claim as in depth as we can and are lucky to have Dr. Price to guide us along as he has tackled the claims of Dr. Tabor before. We discuss the famed James ossuary, relic mongering, and the nonsensical trinity.  Enjoy the show, and remember to check out Dr. Price’s site if you haven’t already.

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