Episode 43: Don’t Say the A-Word

Episode 43: Don’t Say the A-Word


In this week’s installment of This Non-Religious Life we go back to last week’s episode with Dr. Price to cover a comment about our explanation of The Holy Trinity. It is extremely difficult to explain something which is purposefully complex and unexplainable. With the Trinity you must keep talking because the second you stop explaining it you will almost certainly end up with Modalism or Tritheism, both of which are considered heretical views. The Trinity is certainly a case where theologians painted themselves into a corner from which they can never escape.

We also get into a case where a NASA employee was supposedly fired for espousing belief in Intelligent Design. While we conclude that this is almost certainly not the case and there is certainly a spin on this, just as there was in the case of the people who claimed the same thing for Ben Stein’s documentary of ID, Expelled, we can’t ever be certain.

But much of the focus was not on the two previous topics, a lot of it, and I think this is the most important bit, is a discussion about the A-Word: i.e. calling oneself an atheist. In the past years there have been a number of terms which have meant basically the same thing as being an atheist, be it secular humanist, bright, freethinker, or skeptic but they all fall short. There is a new documentary,
Scarlet Letter, coming out which promotes the idea that people should use the word atheist. If people use the word as a self identifier then we might eventually overcome the ignorance about who we are or what we think.

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