Episode 46: Brass Tacks… Or Are They Nails?

Episode 46: Brass Tacks… Or Are They Nails?


This week we examine the painful practice of crucifixion which occurs annually in the Philippines. We get into a commenter’s point about the size of the temple complex with regards to Jesus driving out the money changers. And we once again dive into the discussion of the Shroud of Turin.

Any loyal fans will no doubt remember our first foray into the shroud mystery. Since then we have touched on the subject a few more times. We even issued an invitation, and later a challenge, to Dan Porter to discuss the shroud with us on the air after his attempt at a scathing rebuttal of our first examination. And while we are on the subject of challenges, a new challenge has been issued for Richard Dawkins, of all people, to disprove the shroud for £20,000. But the shroud is also once again in the news. This time for a new book entertaining the idea that the shroud is authentic and that it, not the risen Jesus, is responsible for the spread of Christianity and the faith of the initial converts. As you will see, we tear this assumption apart so stay tuned as well as we can with the info we have.

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