Episode 49: Questions for “Evolutionists”

Episode 49: Questions for “Evolutionists”


We begin this show with a bit of irony, because, well who doesn’t love religious inspired comedy? In May, there will be a large protest intended to be at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, where ultra-orthodox Jewish rabbis have called for a gathering in order to teach the world about the evils of the internet. While there has been some confusion that the protest will happen at, the no longer existent Shea Stadium, the true ironic value is that the call to arms has been posted on the group’s website. That’s right, using the internet, an evil creation, to call out the internet. I guess sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, like this woman holding a sign which is certainly not hand made.

The real focus of the show, however, was our little game of “name that logical fallacy.” Bob found this wonderful site with a helpful infographic to help you name them all (disclaimer: this is not all of them, I just wanted to make a Pokemon reference, isn’t that what the internet is all about). We played this game with this site containing 15 questions for “evolutionists.” We encourage you to check out the site and play the game yourself!

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  • Matt1

    May 1, 2012

    An interesting book to check out might be “Among the Creationists” by Jason Rosenhouse. He teaches at JMU and talks about his interesting interactions among and critiques of the creationist world.


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