Episode 50: Indulging Catholics

Episode 50: Indulging Catholics


Episode 50! It has been a crazy year and we are glad to have made it this far. This episode was broadcast live and we covered some feedback from our chatroom audience. I want to take a minute to thank all of our viewers for all the wonderful feedback and support we have received over the past year. From the Youtube comments to the iTunes reviews and everything inbetween, we appreciate everything you have to say.

This week we take a swing at the North Carolina pastor who thinks it is appropriate to advocate violence against children who show tendencies toward stereotypical homosexual behaviour. For making comments like “crack that wrist” while making punching and kicking motions, he has been forced to recant, if only in a backhanded manner.

We also cover the fact that Catholics have reinstated the sale of indulgences. An archaic institution which was abandoned more than half a century ago where the church will gladly take donations so as to reduce the amount of time a person’s loved ones need to spend in Purgatory. Interesting fact, the church has not accepted Purgatory as real for some time. This requires us to ask, “then for what purpose are the indulgences sold?” While discussing interesting Catholic concepts we also grasp onto the comment made recently by a priest who said that the Adam and Eve story is a myth. While most of us can see this it puts the Catholics in an interesting theological corner. Without Adam and Eve there is no fall, meaning there is no original sin, meaning there is no need for Jesus’ atoning sacrifice. What do you think?

We also mention, upon closing, this video. We want to get your take on it!

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  • Matt1

    May 14, 2012

    Also, the Eastern Orthodox reject Augustine’s idea of “Original Sin” as a heresy, and Peter Enns argues that “original sin” also lacks clear, definitive biblical support (as opposed to “sin of origin”).

  • Matt2

    May 14, 2012

    Meh. I’m not sure if a mythological reading of Genesis negates a theology of the Fall or of Christ’s sacrifice. An Eastern Orthodox view of Christ giving spiritual life through his resurrection remains unaffected (in my view), although some western juridicial views of atonement may lose some punch, but that might be a broader discussion.


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