Episode 52: The Good, The Bad, and The Historical

Episode 52: The Good, The Bad, and The Historical


This week we start off by talking about magicians and skepticism. I recently had the pleasure to spend the evening at The Magic Castle, headquarters of the Academy of Magical Arts, which got us to discuss the likes of Harry Houdini and James Randi—two amazing stage magicians who were/are great debunkers of pop spiritual phenomenon.

We also visit a school district in Virginia which is entrenched in a fight over displaying the Ten Commandments in its schools. Now claiming it is an historical document it seeks to place the Decalogue alongside various other historical documents. They even considered removing the first four commandments, the ones about how jealous God is. We examine why this is an important issue to be unrelenting toward.

Finally, we wrap up the show with a discussion of biblical inspiration.   We discuss the idea of an inspired document and what higher criticism does to that concept. What does the clear evidence of purposeful redaction of biblical texts mean to evangelicals who embrace biblical inerrancy?

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