EVE: Valkyrie Review (Oculus Rift)


In EVE: Valkyrie, you are an elite space fighter pilot who has recently become immortal, thanks to the efforts of Rán Kavik, leader of the breakaway pirate group known as the Valkyrie. As a newly-recruited member of the Valkyrie, you will battle rival pirate factions for wealth, supremacy, and notoriety.


  • Three Ship Types: Fighter Class, Heavy Class, Support Class
  • Full cross-platform online multiplayer among three VR platforms
  • Bleeding-edge virtual reality gameplay
  • Gorgeous, immersive AAA visuals and production
  • Competitive social multiplayer action
  • Single-player PVE modes
  • Skill-based character progression and ship upgrades
  • Rich EVE Universe setting and deep backstory

I first had the privilege of playing Eve: Valkyrie at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco back in 2015.

It was a blast and I couldn’t tell if I was just so freak’n excited to play a VR game (if you know me you know this has been a life long obsession of mine) or if Eve: Valkyrie offered something that would keep me coming back.  Now, I have had time to play Eve, on a different platform (Oculus Rift), I can test where my excitement lives.

I can say the excitement I had when I was launched out of the ‘tube’ with the PlayStation VR, is still exciting with the Oculus.  Even after 100 times of being thrown into the vast wide open space of, well… space, I still enjoy it.

Once you are in the middle of the battle is where the immersion fully kicks in.  Not only can you look around to see where other ships are, you can keep your eyes on them, with just a turn of your head as you chase them down.  For me this helps in picking my flight attack/strategy.  Blasting behind an asteroid and to flip around to face your attacker as they whip around the corner is something you can’t fully pull off outside of VR.

I am very satisfied with this game and I keep returning to it and that is why I am giving Eve: Valkyrie a score of 8.5 out of 10.


ZP's rating

Overall rating

Replay Factor
The good
  • Multiplayer / Cross Platform
  • VR
  • Ship Unlocks
  • Fast -Paced
The bad
  • None


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