Filmmaking is the new Punk Rock


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Much like an explosive device being detonated, the UK Punk Rock revolution in the mid-seventies generated an incredible blast of energy for a relatively short amount of time. Although the first generation of UK Punk bands burnt bright their longevity was negligible. What many people misunderstood at the time, and have since, was that Punk Rock wasn’t about green Mohican topped heads and sub heavy metal rock music, it was about originality, self-expression and a DIY ethic that broke music and creativity free from the shackles of the rock establishment that had evolved into 20 minute virtuoso keyboard solos that had no relevance nor interest for the younger generation.

From the anger of the Sex Pistols emerged a breed of bands unhindered by social norms and the requirement to be a classically trained musician – just pick up a guitar, learn three chords and off you go! Bands like X-Ray Spex, The Damned, Alternative TV, The Adverts and The Buzzcocks all got the point and blasted out some of the most original and infectious tracks each with an original take on the creative freedom they enjoyed. The music was made regardless of whether there was a specific audience for it, music for music’s sake. Just do it. punkrock

This DIY ethic has pervaded my adult life, from post punk musical experiences through to early web experiments and playing with technology, nothing was out of bounds, nothing out with my reach. And so rather amazingly this ethic has evolved into 3D filmmaking for me. Realising that stereoscopic technology was within my reach and that underneath everything I had done was a drive to entertain and share tales I decided to create films… and preferably in 3D!

Digital technology for filmmaking has in itself had an equivalent effect as Punk Rock, democratising film creation for anyone with some basic digital equipment and the desire to learn. No budget, or low budget films can be created by anyone with the energy to do so. Just as with music not everyone’s taste is for the mainstream and indie level filmmaking generates the most incredible range of productions; although many individuals may insist on only watching the somewhat vacuous big summer tent-pole pictures, others might insist on only the most avante garde of cinematic experiences. Personally I love so much film – I’m as happy watching the Marx Brothers as I am Stanley Kubrick or Lars von Trier’s films; I’m as happy watching a trashy B Horror as a classic Jane Austen romance. It’s about taking me into the characters’ lives and telling me their story.

So to the crux of this article: my punk DIY ethic has allowed me to create several short films and music videos and now I’m in the process of creating a fun new 3D web series called “Crime Squad” (aka Crime Squad 3D). It’s a silly story telling the adventures of two hapless cops as they attempt to battle crime… with little success. It’s being made in the style of a 1970’s TV Cop show, so plenty of easy picking for humorous events. It’s a little more difficult than usual though – making a one off short film is a challenge, making a multi-part series each with multiple locations and guest actors requires considerably more time and skill… and budget.

And that’s where you come in. If you are interested in supporting us, even as little as a couple of dollars will make a difference, then we’d really appreciate you coming over to Indiegogo and showing your support. If you can’t offer financial support simply spreading the word could help . We’ve also got a lively page on Facebook where you can keep in touch with all the latest updates and behind the scenes stuff as we develop the series.

So come on, help an old punk make his 3D show, we’ll be revolting together!

* This is a special post written by Andrew Murchie, 3D Film maker and owner of Enhanced Dimensions.*


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