Free Food and tons of other Free stuff… Get us to Houston

Free Food and tons of other Free stuff… Get us to Houston


If you been with Zombie Popcorn for a while you know that the newest Zombie Popcorn Netcast, This Non-Religious Life began after an interview we did on The Talking Dead 3D. In a short time, This Non-Religious Life has grown and began shaping into a very popular netcast.  It became what it is because of people  like you, the people who left comments, suggestions and questions.

This Non-Religious Life is now ready to start covering current events on locations so we can get both sides of the story and include commentary to understand what is truth and untruths.  Our first venture out will be ‘The Response.’

We want to carry our show to Houston to document ‘The Response’ and give a deeper insight to the beliefs, motivations and power of both the attendees and the protesters with commentary on how views from both sides benefit and/or harm society.
We feel that Governor Perry is making waves. We want to document the interactions between those who believe that they are following in the foot steps of Jesus and those who feel they are being discriminated against.

Why is this event important to both believers and non-believers?

Church and State issues are important. In our opinion, Governor Perry is walking a fine line as an elected official by endorsing a specifically Christian function. He has issued a press release on his official government site and according to the press release, has sent invitations to the other forty-nine governors asking that they attend.

So what does all this mean?

We need your help so head over to our IndieGogo page to find out what you can do to help.  We are giving away some awesome gifts to people who help us reach our goal.  Including a free meal from the wonderful restaurant, Path.

Thank you in advance for helping us reach our goals!



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Jason Bayless is a life-long activist and is currently working at The Pachamama Alliance. When he is not working he spends, working with Center for Farmworker Families and spending his time recording shows, writing blogs, collecting 3D movies, and playing VR games.

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