Guns N’ Roses Guitarist launches ‘Slasher Films’

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist launches ‘Slasher Films’


Yes, the ex-Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash has started his own horror movie production company called Slasher Films.  You have to admit that is really funny – both in idea and in name.

Apparently, he already has four films lined up including a remake of Wake the Dead and a zombie film called ‘The Other Kingdom’.  I am excited for this, not because I am a G-N-R fan, because I am not, but because if we can get more horror films in the pipeline it is good for all of us….hopefully.  [singlepic id=1488 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Slash has been quoted in saying, “ever since I can remember I’ve been raised on horror movies” and he has said that he plans to get his inspiration from the ‘old-school’ horror movies from the 70s and 80’s.  Don’t get too excited yet, if you are into the 7o and 80’s gore flicks- you wont find them with Slasher Films. Slash has said that he thinks releases took a nosedive in the late 80s when they became too gory and over the top.  “My whole thing is to go back to the days of making very dramatic, serious, plot-driven, character-driven horror movies, as opposed to what’s become the norm this day,” he explained. “Chop ‘em up kind of movies that don’t have real specific characters that you really care anything about.”

There is no word when the very first release is planned so I guess we will just have to wait….

What do you think about Slash starting his own horror production company?

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