Help Us Interview Your Crazy Family Member, Friend, Neighbor or Person You Know.

Help Us Interview Your Crazy Family Member, Friend, Neighbor or Person You Know.


You can help Zombie Popcorn with a new project.
No, I am not asking for donations.  (If you want to give a donation you can – here)

I am working on setting up a new podcast called, Psychosomatic Rants.

If you been a follower of Zombie Popcorn for a while then you know we have kicked around that name for a while.  It didn’t seem to fit any of the projects, until now.

You also know that we have interviewed some interesting people and they all been featured on Zombie Popcorn’s Talking Dead.  Interviews like, Demonologist,  John Zaffis  or the interesting encounter with the guy who says he has been in contact with both the grey and reptilian aliens and said they would give him permission to ‘channel’ them (the aliens) during the interview – meaning we asked the aliens questions.  You can listen to that interview here.

All these interviews are great but I did not feel The Talking Dead was a good home for them because that show deals with art, film/movies, horror, pop culture, etc.

I am going to  spin off those  interviews and other similar interviews to its own show – that show will be Psychosomatic Rants. This show will  focus on individuals who have strange and interesting lives or encounters -like the ones previously mentioned.

Not all of the interviews will be about demons and aliens,  we also want to talk with people who have real world experiences like the guy who ran away from home at age 15 to join the carny life and is still working in that world. You can hear Nick’s story here – I am sure you will find that story simply amazing.

Anyway, the show will focus on unique people around the world – we will interview all types of people and get inside their head and learn more about their story.

What you can do to help!  [singlepic id=1721 w=320 h=240 float=right]

If you know someone who you think has an interesting story, or believes in conspiracy theories, or has been abducted by aliens, or talks to ghosts and/or dead people (isn’t that the same?) or anything you think we would find interesting – all you have to do is put them in contact with us.

Here is all the contact info you need

Email us

or call us

Phone: (757) 337-2195  – Leave a message with a return phone number and/or email.

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