Hormel vs Hormel – The Video Battle


I love old movies and I am always on the look out for an awesome and rare film.  My collection has got to the point where it has become a task just to keep updating my list – but I work on it daily.

Next to horror films, 3D films and horror 3D films, I really love propaganda films, the older the better.  In my collection I have a huge range of these films from the Christian scare films to the sex hygiene scare films to the consumer product propaganda films.   I could watch them all day, but what I really love is when I get a film that I can compare it to the other side of the ‘truth’.

For example, This film called, “This is Hormel.”

As you saw in the film above they invited the viewer to tour their factories and lucky for us someone did — with their own camera….see the video below.

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