It is Time for Replay Wednesday!


It is Replay Wednesday again and if you missed out on the live broadcast of Zombie Popcorn Radio – then you missed out on an awesome show and on the special guest, Paul Casper.

[singlepic id=486 w=320 h=240 float=right] No need to cry because its REPLAY WEDNESDAY!

Paul Casper will join us throughout the entire show and we will be talking to him about his past projects, which included being the composer for the soundtrack of the horror documentary, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue.  His current project Frore, his ambient band and of course, his future projects.

Frore is Paul Casper. loops, synths, flute noises, didgeridoo, bowed guitar and other noisy toys. Paul also help out in the filipino goth band, Dominion.

Replay Wednesday topics include, Interview with Paul Casper, Lost Boys 3, Dracula: The Un-Dead, Ron Howard takes on H.P. Lovecraft and so much more.

Replay Wednesday happens 8:30am – Midnight.

So tune in now!

Listen to Zombie Popcorn Radio Now!
Listen to Zombie Popcorn Radio Now!

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