Karate Kid and How the New Trailer Kills a Moment.


The Karate Kid remake trailer has hit the net.  So watch it before I go into my rant.

This film looks good and I enjoyed the original Karate Kid.  I think will be a good film for the new generation. (whoa, that was a very old man thing to say. – Damn it!)  [singlepic id=1002 w=320 h=240 float=right]

The only problem I have with this is not that it is a remake. The problem lies with  trailers that come out today  show  way too much of the film.  It seems like they show all the things that would create  a ‘bonding moment’ with the film in the trailer.  Making you lose that feeling before the chance to ever experience it.  I mean, isn’t that what movies are for -to make you feel and live the moment?

For example, this trailer – it was great until after the splash logo where Jackie Chan is sitting there with chop sticks and the fly.  A great tribute to the original movie.  So why show it in the trailer?  I would have loved to have seen it in the course of the movie. Not sitting in front of my computer.

I could imagine how it would have been seeing it in the theater.   Jackie sitting there as my anticipation grows, waiting for him to catch the fly with his chop sticks, while remember how great it was to see in the original movie.  Then ‘SLAP’ he uses a fly swatter to get the fly.  It would have been great to have those emotions happen during the movie. Now, that I have seen it in the trailer it will not have the gripping effect for me IF i see this movie in the theater.

It is not just this movie trailer that takes the joy out of seeing moments in the theater, it seems like all new movie trailers  are killing the moment.

Or maybe I am just becoming too sensitive about movies in my old age because the original Karate Kid trailer is as long the full movie.

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