Knuckle Supper, the FREE Audiobook

Knuckle Supper, the FREE Audiobook


Back in 2010, a time when Zombie Popcorn would broadcast interviews in stereoscopic 3D (anaglyph), we interviewed Drew Stepek. Drew is the author of hit book, Knuckle Supper.

Fast forward to today and we are in conversation with Drew once again this time about his newest book, Knuckle Balled, more on this in the future -stay tuned, and the audio book of Knuckle Supper, read by Jason Hill.

If you haven’t read Knuckle Supper, or need an audiobook for a road trip or long flight, I would recommend getting this one, not just because it is FREE, but because it is a fun read/listen.

Drew made a promise to his fans about this audiobook, and we are going to hold him to it. He said, ” I made a promise to fans that if the first chapter reached 1mm views and all the other chapters reached 100k that we would make the sequel, Knuckle Balled.”

What is Knuckle Supper?
Los Angeles’ drugs are run by the undead. When heroin-addicted vampire and gang leader, RJ, reluctantly takes in a twelve-year-old prostitute called Bait, humanity is introduced to his otherwise lifeless existence. An unforgiving, vicious and realistic horror story, Knuckle Supper explores chemical dependency, inner-city brutality, religion, molestation, abortion and the very nature of evil itself.

Check out the Knuckle Supper audio book and share it with your friends.

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