Lets Re-Make the World or at Least all the Movies…


I didn’t mean to end up writing so much about upcoming films but we are being flooded with movie updates and what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share the info with you.

So, here is a short and far from being complete list of upcoming remakes.

I will start with the 3D remakes first.

The Gate 3D – Alex Winter is set to direct this film. You know from the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and it is going to be in 3D – so I am really excited about this film.

Here is the trailer of the original film from 1987

Piranha 3D – Alexandre Aja is the writer/director for this film – Alexander also directed ‘The Hills Have Eyes’   Piranha, the original film was one of my favorite cheese-y films when I was a kid, so I am looking forward to seeing a modern 3D edition.

PuppetMaster 3D – No director set yet so I don’t have any real information other than it is in heavy talks.

Re-animator 3D – by far one of my most favorite films of all time and the fact it is going to be done in 3D makes me want to run with scissors in a crowded playground.  More details about Re-animator 3D in the post, Re-Animating 3D

SAW 3D – Heavy talks about having the next Saw film in 3D, no more details available yet.  Now for an exclusive about Psychosomatic Rants and Saw – I never liked these movies, I have given them a chance because Mylie T likes them but they bore me to death. Maybe having it in 3D will spark my interests more – I will keep you posted.

Plan 9 From Outer Space  – here is a blurb from the Plan 9 website

Simply titled “Plan 9”, the remake will be a serious-minded retelling of the original story, paying homage to the spirit of Wood’s film without resorting to camp or parody. The film will focus on the horror and science fiction aspects of the original, but will also be largely character-driven. Johnson’s goal for “Plan 9” is to make a film that honors not only the original source material, but also Ed Wood’s intentions when he made “Plan 9 From Outer Space”. Wood’s plan was to make a very scary sci-fi/horror film, and Johnson wishes to do exactly that – create a film that Wood would have enjoyed, or perhaps even made himself, if not bound by the technological limitations placed on filmmakers 50 years ago.

Or in color if you prefer

Scanners – David Goyer wrote the script and SAW director Darren Lynn Bousman is the director of this remake. David Goyer was the writer for The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, and The Crow: City of Angels.

Suspiria – Rumors have it as David Gordon Green is going to (re) write the film and hopes to direct it.  IMDB has Suspiria set in pre-production (2010) with Green as the writer.  I am very interested in Green’s take on this film since he is known for films like, Pineapple Express and All the Real Girls.   I find it hard for anyone to improve on Dario Argento’s classic film.

Room 205 – Is a remake of “Kollegiet” (a.k.a. “Room 205), a Danish horror of 2007 which was helmed by Martin Barnewitz and written by Jannik Tai Mosholt and  was part of the [amazon-product text=”Ghost House Underground Collection” type=”text”]B001ECDVGI[/amazon-product]

Here is what Sam Raimi said about the film,

Room 205 is about a haunted dorm room. It’s a neat screenplay that will become a lovely, bright Midwestern university and tell about how kids become adjusted to their new surroundings. In the midst of that, the supernatural will rear its terrifying head.

Here is the trailer from the original  and below is where you can buy the DVD.

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