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If you read Zombie Popcorn or listened to Zombie Popcorn Radio you know how obsessed I am about wanting to create sections of my house (the theater room)  and the Zombie Popcorn Radio studio into a dark, evil, haunted realm.   I just haven’t  made the time to do it yet. Sure, I could just throw up some old skulls, splatter blood around the room and drape some fake spider webs around but it just wouldn’t be the same as taking the time and putting your heart and soul into creating a classic and beautifully frightening environment.

The good news is I have found some people that can help create the most awesome haunted creations ever. They even  understand what it takes to create an atmosphere of horror – not just an environment.   They are known as the Loki’s Workshop.  [singlepic id=1299 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Check out what they can do for you.

Loki’s Workshop specializes in designing your Haunt from the ground up, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Detailed Floor Plans and Maze Designs
  • Facade Design
  • Detailing and Custom Decor
  • Complete Haunt Overhauls
  • Haunted Houses, Walks, and Hayrides
  • Themed Parties and Corporate Events
  • Convention Displays
  • Event Management
  • Sets and Environments

Our talented aesthetics engineers can also provide smaller, more intimate services for those with smaller budgets. We can also create the following:

  • Custom Props
  • Masks, wounds and appliances
  • Atmospheric Soundtracks
  • Custom Pneumatics
  • Training and Seminars

I am thinking sometime in the near future of taking Zombie Popcorn Radio on location and visiting the Loki’s Workshop – but until then you should visit the Loki’s Workshop and have them decorate your living room.

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