Losing My Past Only to Find My Future…


What a crazy couple of days. As you know, if you have been reading lately – I lost my laptop, well it died. (If you have any need for a Sony VAIO VGN-AR230, let me know.) I thought I was lucky because I only lost a couple of photos and a video project that I was working on – no big deal right?  Wrong.  My new computer came in yesterday, I love it and after installing all my programs and tweaking it, I decided to hook up my 2 tb hard drive – where I back up all my photos, videos, music, everything – only to find out that the hard drive is not working.  So, all my photos and videos from ALL of my tours, trips, friends, food, and whatever else is GONE!

I said to myself was, ‘Well, I needed to clean up that hard drive anyway.” I was sadden a little because I lost so much documentation of the past.   Then I started thinking of all the new videos, photos and stories I will have in the future.  The thought of starting over, new photos, new videos, and new adventures with a new computer sounds good to me.   True, it is sad that I lost all of those material memories but I have been given the opportunity to realize what those meant to me and create something new and more meaningful than to just let them collect digital dust on a store device.

So here is my new computer and my new outlook on the digital life…..

New Computer

stay tuned, new video in the works now.. 🙂


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