MarsCon 2011!!!!!

MarsCon 2011!!!!!


I just got back from MarCon 2011 and I had more fun at this Con than I have had at any other.   I met so many wonderful and creative people so you should keep your eyes on Zombie Popcorn for future projects that we are collaborating with – including Zombie Pickles.  [singlepic id=1482 w=320 h=240 float=right]

I spent more time walking around and talking to people than I did at any of the panels.   Speaking of panels did I mention I was on a panel at MarCon? Yes, remember when Zombie Popcorn Radio interviewed Whitney Metzger the creator of ‘Survive Norfolk‘?  Well, Whitney invited Zombie Popcorn and Hannah Serrano from >AltDaily to sit on the MarCon panel, “Survive Norfolk – Zombie Tag Gone Wild: How it Started, How the Virus Spread, and How We Survived.”

If you missed the panel, don’t worry because Zombie Popcorn recorded the event.

So let me set up the layout of this event.

There were three major panel rooms (Patriot A, Lafayette, and the Berkeley Room) and several hotel rooms that were covered into whatever theme that was covered in that room. For example The City of Heroesroom.  It was a typical hotel room but with the exception that there were no beds and computers monitors lined the walls.  The walls were covered with City of Heroes images and in the back of the room was  a HUGE container of local home-brew. It was hard for me to leave this room – one because of all the electronics and because of all the wonderful conversations I had while in there.

If you are unfamiliar with The City of Heroes -and I was – here is a run down about the game.
“City of Heroes® brings the world of comic books alive in this massively multiplayer 3D online universe. Craft your hero’s identity and join millions of Hero characters in a constantly expanding universe, explore the sprawling online metropolis of Paragon City™, and battle a host of foes including criminals, villains, and monsters.”

Don’t think for a second it was all computer games at MarsCon because it wasn’t – there was a complete room full of every pen and paper, card, and other types of Role-Playing games you could ever imagine.  With miniature worlds complete with towers, buildings and dragons.  If you listened to the Zombie Popcorn Radio interview we did with the creator of the zombie survial game, Zombie Cataclysm, then you would know that I have not played a pen and paper role playing game in years.   When I walked into this room I got a tingling feeling and a HUGE smile of happiness grew on my face. It was an awesome site to see so many people playing and coming together and leveling up.   One of my favorite moments was when I was in the bar watching MarsCon Karaoke (more on that later) a family (Mom, Dad and daughter)  sat down next to me and ordered their lunch.  About 15 mins after they sat down the daughter’s phone vibrated on the table and she picked it up to read the text message.  A short pause then she said in a panicked voice  she blurts out loudly, “OH NO! OUR CLERIC JUST DIED!!” and she ran out of the bar. Her parents seemed stressed over this news. Later the daughter returned and announced that everything was ok now.  So, I asked her what happened and she explained to me that their cleric was attacked and had a negative 19 life but they were able to resurrect the cleric – she smiled with relief.

It was such an amazing experience to be apart of something bigger than myself, to be apart of the lives of everyone I met and encountered at MarCon and to be welcomed with opened arms.  I could write about this event all day but I will save the rest for Saturday’s Zombie Popcorn Radio show ( Jan. 22, 2011 at 7pm Eastern)

Thanks to  MarsCon and everyone I met I hope we stay in touch.  To everyone I didn’t have a chance to meet, feel free to drop me a line and say hello!

PS.  If you are ever at a MarsCon Karaoke event and you see this guy picking up a mic -you better stick around because he will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF — he was by far one of the best performers that night!

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