MarsCon 2012: Dead On! Zombies in Pop Culture

MarsCon 2012: Dead On! Zombies in Pop Culture


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Here it is – the Zombies in Pop Culture panel.  Not only will you learn about the role zombies have in our everyday lives you will learn how to play a new game.  In this game you must spot the drunk people in the panel.

Are you up for it?

Quit worrying about the zombie invasion, it’s already here! Zombies are everywhere in contemporary pop culture. Our expert panelists Jason Bayless, Whitney Metzger, Bob Price and Alfredo Torres will discuss the roots of recent zombie mania, projects in the works, and the best of zombie pop culture, along with some of the more unusual manifestations of the walking dead.


[singlepic id=1699 w=320 h=240 float=right] Whitney Metzger is a lifelong resident of Norfolk who attended Goucher College and Old Dominion University, where she eventually graduated in 2008 with a degree in Political Science. While prolonging her studies, Whitney worked as a clerk at the film mecca known as Naro Video, making customers feel bad about their rental selections. Her top 5 favorite films include Dazed & Confused, The Big Lebowski, Casablanca, High Fidelity, and Shaun of the Dead. In her free time she enjoys making great songs even better during karaoke (an ongoing debate amongst friends), glitter, bacon, and kickball.

Putting her degree to excellent use, she was responsible for plotting the zombie takeover of Ghent this past October with an event now known as “Survive Norfolk.” The zombie themed game of tag garnered local and national attention for using online social media to attract thousands of supporters, participants, and volunteers as well as the City of Norfolk’s support. As a result of Survive Norfolk, Whitney is working towards turning her LLC, Urban Playground, into a non-profit organization so she can continue planning fun activities for her friends and community.

When not scheming about the zombie apocalypse, Whitney works for her family’s company, Davis Interiors.

[singlepic id=1700 w=320 h=240 float=right] Alfredo Torres has helped to spread joy, laughter and music over the local airwaves for 10 years. Getting his start as a regular on the Mike and Bob show on WROX (96X) in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, he took his talents to his own radio show, “The Alfredo Torres Debacle,” before moving on to 100.5 Max FM’s Locals Lounges where he featured the most talented local rock bands in the Hampton Roads area. He went on to host a successful video blog for Port Folio Weekly and currently is featured on Bob’s Boneyard, a podcast staring himself along with Bob Fresh and Manny Fresh formally of the Mike and Bob show and Torres vs Zombies, a podcast which is part survivalist, part pop culture and all zombies.  Alfredo has a BA in political science from Siena College, a BS in communications from Old Dominion University and is currently working on his graduate degree in Lifespan and Digital Communications from ODU. Widely respected for his quick wit, knowledge of music, zombies, and a passion for local artists, The Silver Fox doesn’t follow the politically correct path.

[singlepic id=1701 w=320 h=240 float=left] Jason Bayless is the founder/content creator of the popular entertainment website, Zombie Popcorn.

Zombie Popcorn is the Official podcast for MarsCon and is home to a variety of locally produced shows including:

The Talking Dead”, a horror, sci-fi and entertainment show.

The New Architects“, focusing on individuals and communities that make a difference in the way we view the world.

This Non-Religious Life”, highlighting particular aspects of religious faith and the irreligious movement.

Zombience”, highlighting all aspects of the ambient music.

“Natural Ones”, a Dungeon and Dragons podcast. (Coming Soon)

Bob Price is co-host and co-content creator for ‘This Non-Religious Life’, ‘Natural Ones,  and ‘The Talking Dead’.

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Don’t forget about the ‘Intros and Interviews‘ episode.


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