MarsCon 2012: Program Update and Descriptions

MarsCon 2012: Program Update and Descriptions


MarsCon 2012 has updated the weekend schedule and it looks better than ever!

We have less than two weeks until the greatest Sci-fi event to hit Virginia!  Let’s look at the opening night events that are planned – and as always Zombie Popcorn will be there coverage the planned and the not-so-planned events.

Remember this only the opening night – there will be two more days after this all night Sci-fi party!  [singlepic id=1640 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Friday, January 13th.

5-7 p.m

  • Zombie Make-Up Lab: Unleash Your Undead

    Friday Night is Zombie Night this year at MarsCon and makeup artists Wade CutrellJohn Hughes, Sami Sanchez and Dana Beaufait Stevens are available to help you add that perfect touch of undead to your look.Wade Cutrellis a professional special makeup effects artist who trained under some of the masters of the industry. He studied at the Tom Savini special makeup effects program at Douglas Education center.  He has worked with small and large productions. His projects have gone to such places as Cannes film festival, Screamfest, the 48 hour film project, and SXSW.John Hughes  started serious costuming in 2003 with The Tidewater Alliance Star War FanForce. A Dark Knight Joker outfit led him down the road to more outlandish projects, and Survive Norfolk led him to his specialty, zombies, which he loves because of the freedom and variation they allow the costumer
  • Photo Opportunity: The Decontamination Zone
    For a small charitable donation, you’ll get a fantastic souvenir, a digital picture of you and your friends passing through our “decontamination zone” on the way into MarsCon 2012. Photographer: Earl Harris
  • Film Screening: A Few Brains More
    Filmmaker Christine Parker is screening her latest, A Few Brains More, which follows the journey of zombie Lily and Jack from Fistful of Brains into the 70’s where they fight Dead Eye and his hippie hordes.

[youtube id=”-7zn_ZwO_PQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

6-7 p.m

  •  Opening Ceremonies
    Kick your MarsCon off right by joining us for a champagne toast and a preview of our Guests of Honor, entertainers, and other MarsCon events with our Toastmaster, Michael Khandelwal.Michael Khandelwal is an award-winning writer and teacher. He contributes editorials, profiles, and feature articles to Hampton Roads Magazine , teaches poetry and fiction for the Norfolk-area nonprofit,The Muse Writers Center (for which he is a co-founder and serves as a director), is a web content management specialist for The American Council on Education , and is the President of the 2008 Electoral College of Virginia.


  • Filk Off!
    Join our fantastic line-ups of filk musicians as they play short sets to kick off MarsCon 2012. Featuring Danny BirtBoogie Knights, and Jonah Knight.Danny Birtwas born about three decades ago in Washington State to Irish and Californian parents, and since then he has lived in Idaho, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii, Virginia, and North Carolina. He attended New Mexico Military Institute in the small town of Roswell, NM for his high school and junior college years, then pulled a one-eighty and went to a liberal arts college, Loyola University New Orleans, for his next two college degrees in music therapy and psychology. Most recently, he graduated from Shenandoah University with his Master’s Degree in Music Therapy.Danny has played the roles of author and editor in science fiction, fantasy, and professional publications such as The Raintown Review, Strange Worlds of Lunacy, Flashing Swords Magazine, and Musica Ficta. He is also an editor for Cyberwizard Productions. His fantasy series “The Laurian Pentology” is being published through Ancient Tomes Press, with the books “Ending an Ending” and “Beginning” already in print.In addition to literary publication, Danny composes classical and filk music, such as his nonstop hour-long piano solo”Narcoleptic Pianist,” and the ever-peculiar album “Warped Children’s Songs.”Danny has now settled in Winston-Salem, NC where he employs his talents as a music therapist at Forsyth Medical Center. In his spare time, Danny’s hobby is finding new hobbies.  Boogie Knightsare a group for folks who like the Maryland-based parody (filk) band called the Boogie Knights. If you like light-hearted songs based on Myth, Medieval History, or straightout Fantasy, you will LOVE Boogie KnightsJonah Knight is a singer/songfighter focusing on songs about being haunted. Ghosts and monsters, angels and demons, empty places and empty people.

7-8 p.m

  • Decompose Yourself: Zombie Make-Up Panel
    Our zombie makeup specialists Wade CutrellJohn Hughes, and Sami Sanchez will demonstrate some of their more advanced techniques for creating that freshly-crawled-from-the-grave look.
  •  Annual MarsCon Pun Contest
    It’s only two years old, but the MarsCon Pun Contest is all groan up. We’re looking for warlocks and witches of wordplay, willing to war for the coveted title and MarsCon Bucks to spend in the Dealer’s Room. Join last year’s winner and this year’s emcee, Joey Morris in rooting for the winners, the wincers, and the whingers while they dish out the pun-ishment. With judges Alex KramerAdam Seats and Bud Webster.
  • Getting Your Best Con Photos with a Simple Camera
    Join our expert photographers Paul Cory and Earl Harris to learn how to get the best results you can from the simplest of equipment. An hour here will pay dividends for you throughout MarsCon!

8-9 p.m

  •  Guest of Honor Speech—S. M. Stirling
    Meet our fantastic writing GOH as he helps us kick off Friday night programming.”S.M. Stirling was born in France in 1953, to Canadian parents — although his mother was born in England and grew up in Peru. After that he lived in Europe, Canada, Africa, and the US and visited several other continents. He graduated from law school in Canada but had his dorsal fin surgically removed, and published his first novel (SNOWBROTHER) in 1984, going full-time as a writer in 1988, the year of his marriage to Janet Moore of Milford, Massachusetts, who he met, wooed and proposed to at successive World Fantasy Conventions. In 1995 he suddenly realized that he could live anywhere and they decamped from Toronto, that large, cold, gray city on Lake Ontario, and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He became an American citizen in 2004. His latest books are THE COUNCIL OF SHADOWS (May 2011) and THE TEARS OF THE SUN (Sept. 2011), from Roc/Penguin. His hobbies mostly involve reading — history, anthropology, archaeology, and travel, besides fiction — but he also cooks and bakes for fun and food. For twenty years he also pursued the martial arts, until hyperextension injuries convinced him he was in danger of becoming the most deadly cripple in human history. Currently he lives with Janet and the compulsory authorial cats.”

8-10 p.m

  • Zombie-oke
    Here’s a new strategy for the zombie apocalypse: sing so badly they’ll back away. Join us for a wild time in MarsCon’s crowd-friendly karaoke room. Hosted by K & D Entertainment with Jennifer Kramer.  [singlepic id=1678 w=320 h=240 float=right]

8:30-10:00 p.m

  • Photo Opportunity: Flesh-Eating Zombies
    For a small charitable donation, our fantastic photographer Paul Cory will capture a wonderful digital MarsCon keepsake: You and your friends either striking your best zombie pose or falling victim to our flesh-eating zombie horde led by uber-zombies Whitney Brundage and Patrick McCoy

8:30-10:45 p.m

  • Poisoned Dwarf in Concert
    Join us in the ballroom as Poisoned Dwarf takes the stage for a fantastic Celtic concert.

9-11 p.m

  • End-of-the-World Theme Party
    Band together in the safe haven of MarsCon’s famous Con Suite for the Party at the End of the World. Where else can you fight off The Eaters, the Zombie Hordes, the Attacking Aliens, and the Cyborgs from the Future, all while noshing on oodles of tasty goodies and enjoying awe-inspiring decor? Put on your best end-of-the-world costume and join us for the annual MarsCon classic.
  • Zombie Games and Parade
    Are you a survivor or part of the undead horde? Find out the answer as Survive Norfolk organizer Whitney Metzger cooks up zombie games for MarsCon. Followed at 10:45 by a parade of all of MarsCon’s 2012 zombies around the hotel.

9-10 p.m

  • Bangs and Whimpers: Writers Discuss How They Would End the World
    Bombs and zombies, global warming or plague, alien invasions, fires and flood, Mayan curses and computer bugs: the ways that the world been destroyed are almost beyond count. We’ve asked writers Peter Prellwitz, Leona Wisoker, and Allen Wold to discuss the likelihoods, advantages and disadvantages of ending the world in many scenarios and to propose a plan for how they would end the world if they were to write an apocalyptic novel. Ashley Stewart will be on hand to provide live sketching of some of the scenarios.
  • Webcomics in 2022
    This is a blue-sky panel. With graphic technology and methods of media delivery changing rapidly, our panelists Steve Napierski, Studio Unseen (Barb Fischer & Chris Impink), Danny Valentini, and Tangent Artists (Rachel Hixon, David Joria & Monica Marier) will try to imagine what webcomics will be like ten years from now.

9-11 p.m

  • Costume Contest
    Stop in across from the Con Suite to get your costume judged for a chance to win recognition and prizes.

10-11 p.m

  • Hafla-geddon: Dance and Drum like it’s the End of the World
    Come ready to bang a drum, get it on, and dance like it’s your last time on the floor with host Dana Beaufait Stevens and a fantastic circle of featured drummers and dancers.
  • Zombie Pickles from Space
    Here’s the dill, the zombie pickles are coming, and we’re not just gherkin you around. Join Elizabeth Pasieczny and Pickleman for a screening of their latest fantastic film project.
  • Ghosts and Legends of Southeastern Virginia
    A panel of paranormal perfection with the well-spooken trio of Pamela K. Kinney, Cheralyn Lambeth and Kathryn Lively.

11 p.m. to midnight

  • Mikey Mason in Concert
    Comedian and musician Mikey Mason takes the stage for another rowdy hour in the Ballroom.
  • Dead On! Zombies in Pop Culture
    Quit worrying about the zombie invasion, it’s already here! Zombies are everywhere in contemporary pop culture. Our expert panelists Jason Bayless, Whitney Metzger, Bob Price and Alfredo Torres will discuss the roots of recent zombie mania, projects in the works, and the best of zombie pop culture, along with some of the more unusual manifestations of the walking dead.
  • Contagion: Safe Sex in the Age of Diseases
    Think quick!: A virus is killing people left, right and sideways, making it difficult for lovers to get it on. Our panelist Helen E.H. Madden, Michael O’Brien and Kathryn Lively will discuss options for staying turned on in this sexless scenario. Can true lust survive when everyone around you is dropping dead? Adult programming: Under 18-year-olds not permitted.

11 p.m. to 1 a.m

  • Filk & Cookies
    Bring big slippers or footy pajamas and a sweet tooth to MarsCon’s traditional Friday night filk show, featuring Danny Birt, Boogie Knights, and Jonah Knight. Because of its popularity, we’ve moved the event to the hotel Restaurant this year.

midnight to 2 a.m

  • Fishnet, Inc.: Rocky Horror Picture Show Simulcast
    Fishnet, Inc. is back for the rowdiest show at the Con, a raunchy simulcast of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show and a bunch of other depraved, good-hearted fun. [singlepic id=1679 w=320 h=240 float=right]
  • Win, Lose, or Draw
    Is anybody else still playing Win, Lose or Draw? MarsCon doesn’t care! Prizes and bragging rights are on the line again in the annual battle that proves the pen is mightier than the bored. Hosted by Bruce Day and Lynette Popma.
  • Zombies in Love: Is There a Way to Write a Sexy Story about Our Friend the Zombie?
    Can the deadest of the undead be hot or not? Do you need a brain to be sexy? And does that brain have to be fresh? Join panelists Kathryn Lively, and Sapphire Phelan as they explore how writers can combine zombies with romance and erotica. Adult programming: Under 18-years-old not allowed.

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