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A long time ago in a world that I only live in – it seems – I would watch everything in 3D, even normal TV shows that were in 2D.   I own the Realeyes 3D Stereoscopic Television created by  Chequemate Third Dimension.  The Realeyes 3D Stereoscopic Television is a device about the size of a VCR that converts ANY signal coming into your TV into a 3D signal – turning EVERYTHING into 3D.

Side note: I thought to myself as I wrote the sentence before this one – WOW, you sound really sad and nerdy but  when I went online to try to find a photo of the Realeyes 3D and could not find one – I realized that I am sad and nerdy…. so I made my own photo of the Realeyes 3D. YAY!

[nggallery id=9]

Side note 2: the glasses that I am wearing are not for the Realeyes 3D  – those are for the Sensio 3D Stereoscopic Video Processor- but that is a different blog post.

Anyway, back to the purpose of the post….

I watched everything in 3D – the news, cartoons, video games, ZDTV (aka Tech TV, G4), documentaries and I would even show ‘activist’ films to people in 3D.

Fast forward a couple of years from that moment – I started editing videos and playing around with editing software and found that I could convert 2D movies into 3D. True, it wasn’t real 3D because I was converting a single image/video clip into a double image but it created a nice effect.

So to pay tribute to 2D to 3D conversion (and to help some animals) – I broke out an old video that I converted a long time ago.

  • Steve1

    April 10, 2009

    Wow, I’ve never heard of such a thing! Does this still exist and is watching the news and everything in 3D worth it, especially if you have to wear those glasses all the time? 🙂


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