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You may remember back in Nov. 2016, we (Zombie Popcorn and Ragnaarbastiaan) sat down and  had a chat with Milkywhale at Iceland Airwaves, before they performed.  In that interview, we spoke about how their music forces you to move, to dance. Since that interview,  several people reached out to Zombie Popcorn asking how can they get their hands on an album from Milkywhale.

Who is Milkywhale?

The Reykjavik Grapevine describes Milkywhale as this, “Milkywhale is a bowl of Skittles combined with eight double espressos, topped with the mania of receiving both a new puppy and a trampoline on Christmas morning. Imagine an aerobics instructor in a 1960’s quasi-futuristic space station jumpsuit, with a giant “M” in the background meant to hypnotize you — like Zoolander at the Mugatu compound. Or, if you’re old enough to remember, a Rainbow Brite doll from the 80’s come to life.”

And this is why I am happy to announce that Milkywhale has released their self-titled album.  YAY!

This is super exciting, not only because we can now put Milkywhale on repeat and dance until we collapse, or because Rainbow Brite. In addition to all of that, Milkywhale has partnered up with Theory of Whatever Records (the guy from Ragnaarbastiaan) for the release of their album on vinyl. This means, U.S. fans can order the record in the U.S. without having to pay crazy shipping costs, customs, and all the things that keep indie artists from being able to connect with their fans overseas.

How do you get the new Milkywhale album?

(So glad you asked)

You have three options.

  1. Digital Download
  2. Vinyl (which includes a digital download)
    1. For Non-U.S Residents, order here
    2. For U.S. Residents, order here
  3. Spotify

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