My Boss is Evil Campaign


My Boss is Evil

Since Obama has been President (WOO-HOO!) there has been a lot of talk about becoming accountable for the actions and decisions you make in life.

I work directly with people everyday and I hear what people are wanting to do with their lives to make this world a better place. Like volunteering in their community, recycling, and eating healthier.  It is so good to hear so many people wanting to improve their lives and the lives of their community.

During all of these conversations I also hear about how their boss at work treats people like trash, instead of how they deserved to be treated; a  caring and feeling individual.

After years and years of hearing this over and over,  I started thinking, “Why don’t people hold other people accountable for their actions?”  When I asked around I found that most people don’t want to have conflict in their lives and they find it is much easier for them to just deal with the negative actions from their boss or co-worker.  They fear that they may lose their job if they said something about their boss/co-workers’ rude or inappropriate actions.  So they end up living their lives in frustration  – That can’t be good for anyone!

So I started thinking “How can I make it easier for people to hold their boss or co-worker accountable for their actions without risking losing their job”? (and have fun while doing it)  After long thought, about 4 minutes, I created the “MY BOSS IS EVIL” stickers.

The idea is every time your boss does something you think is really low and evil, you place the ‘My BOSS IS EVIL’ stickers all over, so the community will know how evil they really are and hopefully your boss will have a change of heart. Making your boss  answer to his/her peers on why they are so evil. If that doesn’t happen, it is still fun to tell everyone and at least you will feel better  -right!?  -RIGHT!  🙂

It is an easy 5-step concept:
1. download the images that are located below or make your own
2. print it out on sticker paper or whatever – I like to use[amazon-product text=”Ink Jet Printable Sticker Project Paper 8.5X11″ type=”text”]B0019ILO6G[/amazon-product]
3. write the name of your boss or co-worker or whomsoever  you want to be held accountable above “IS EVIL”  in BIG BOLD LETTERS (so it can be seen from a distance) or Photoshop it, and then
4. take over your town and put them everywhere or put them on your desk at work (or on your co-workers desk-hehe)
5. Don’t forget to take a photo of your sticker and send them to me at EvilPhotos[at] and I will post them in slide show form here. You will remain anonymous.

Here is an example;

Jason is NOT Evil

See how the sign/sticker upset me at first then made me think about how people view me as an evil person. I changed my ways thanks to this sign someone posted. Thanks anonymous person you changed my life!   🙂

That was just an example- we all know that a person who owns  the DVD Box set of [amazon-product text=”Kenny Rogers: Legend of the Gambler ” type=”text”]B000EW8L50[/amazon-product] can’t be evil. – but you get the point.

Have fun and don’t forget to take photos and send them to me.


  • Nohemi Tok1

    August 13, 2010

    Hey, nice article.

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    June 13, 2010

    This is the third time I came to your blog, I like your blog very much, hope your more good posts.

  • RG3

    January 25, 2009

    so a co-worker and I were talking about the My boss is evil and laughing about it. My co-worker forgot that she put the phone down and forgot she left a customer on there and I saw it and picked it up and said Hello, well she was pissed and was like you need to be careful what you say in a store just in case the phone is off the hook. She was like I heard about your page and said, “I will just talk to your boss about this since I already have to call him this week.”

    SHE THREATENED ME!!!!!!!!!

    Love the stickers!!


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